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With Video GIF Mixer PRO License you get

Play button with “Pulsating Button” option.

The ultimate action you want user to take is to watch a videoso people must immediately know that.

Play button makes it instantly clear that it is actually video preview and they can watch.

To make Play buttons instantly stand out in busy timelines we added “Pulsating Button” option which, when enabled, makes the Play button pulse to make sure viewer does not miss it.

The growing viewers’ frustration results in rapidly diminishing number of clicks through rates to watch the video.

Call To Action image with “Pulsating CTA” option.

Play button makes the purpose of VideoGram immediately clear to the users and it might be enough when a Video GIF Mixer is shown in clean environment like Facebook timeline.

However on image heavy timeline like Tumblr, there might be many animated images at the same time on the screen, so Play button needs reinforcement there.

That reinforcement is Call To Action image, which sole purpose is to grab user's attention and make them click.

Examples of such CTA image include pulsating big arrow pointing on play button or anything else which focus user action on click.

Text Overlay

Text added to Video GIF Mixer makes it much more powerful and allows it to serve many purposes:

  • Can convince people share with clear “share it” cta
  • Can boost click rate even further with video content title and subtitle
  • Can serve as viral sharing reason with funny meme.
  • Can be used for any other message

Semi-transparent color tint filter

This allows to apply instagram like color tint filter which makes Video GIF Mixer look even cooler.

It is a very good technique to use for videograms from videos with very little action, like with spokes person talking to camera.

Semi-transparent color overlay also allows to make text more exposed which is beneficial when text cary strong message.

Different Video GIF Mixer sizes and layouts

While the default Video GIF Mixer dimension is good for majority of sharing purposed, more sizes and layouts allow you to cover the formats which either better match timeline proportions for particular social network, or are required by advertising networks to take your Video GIF Mixer ad.

Ability to use different sizes also allows you to tap into to the newest little-known Facebook mobile “Ads Canvas” feature which we call “Instant Ads”. Instant Ads can sport animation and videos.

Historically these data-heavy ads were not usable on mobile due to user closing the ad before it downloaded. With new Instant Ads Facebook pre-cache them so they appear to mobile user instantly.

There is hardly better way to engage mobile user than Video GIF Mixer leading to instant video play.

Video GIF Mixer mp4 video export

Video GIF Mixer animated image is very powerful tool to convert social media wanderers into viewers, but the animated image format cannot convince viewer to unmute autoplayed in timeline video.

For this purpose you need to have Video GIF Mixer video.

In PRO version you can export Video GIF Mixer either as stand alone mp4 intro or add it directly to the main content video.

We also added cool countdown option which, if you enable it, grab viewers attention counting down to actual video content.

YouTube download and upload

PRO version also allows you to search youtube for CC BY licences videos, download any video from youtube, make a videogram from a youtube video, add a videogram video intro into youtube video, upload a video back to youtube, and then share a videogram with link to youtube video across ten social network and your blogs.

Ten Social Networks, Wordpress, and Blogger sharing

Social media networks are exploding with content and over 80% of that content are images.

With animated, cool and catchy videograms you can stand out, get ton of traffic to your videos, and have a good chance to have your videograms go viral.

PRO version helps you to bring viewers traffic from ten social media networks & blogs like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Imgur, Mobypicture, ImageShack, WordPress, Blogger, with instant sharing to those networks and blogs right from inside the software.

500 call to action, and 50 designer style play button images.

In order to help you instantly use amazing call to action and custom play button PRO features, we included 500 converting call to action images and 50 designer style play buttons, allowing you to instantly bring your click through rate to all time high immediately after you get upgrade.

Commercial License

Standard version allows you to make Video GIF Mixers for your own business.

Commercial license grants you the right to use Video GIF Mixer PRO for your clients projects.

You can charge clients monthly free & build yourself recurring income!

Create converting Video GIF Mixer ads for Instagram

Instagram ads just went live! Many marketers have waited for it to happen for years, and now it is finally here.

Instagram ads are now available globally for all businesses - big and small.

With a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the world's largest ads platforms.

Now businesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment.

There is no better way to share the story than with Video GIF Mixer showing the animated glimpse and a story progression on 4 extra cuts.

With Video GIF Mixer pro you can create video Video GIF Mixers which can be used to make supper converting Instagram ads.

Create high click through Facebook ads

Facebook ads can drive amazing and profitable online sales, and generate leads but the key is to grab attention.

But to get maximum clickthrough rates you need something amazing people are not used to every day.

Video GIF Mixer pro allows you to make video Video GIF Mixer and use that as video ads on Facebook.

Video GIF Mixer is a perfect “channel surf stopper” because it is catchy and completely new.

Go Viral with amazing animated internet meme with story progress shots.

Go Viral with amazing animated internet meme with story progress shots.

Marketers are using internet memes for Viral Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing to create marketing "buzz".

Video GIF Mixer takes memes to the next level not only by showing a meme as an animation but also as a story progres with extra 4 shots.

This why Video GIF Mixers have way stronger viral and sharing drive.

Check out Video GIF Mixer Pro in action.

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