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Here's What Others Are Saying About Video GIF Mixer

"Video GIF Mixer is a delightful, refreshing video engagement app. While false prophets are screaming "innovation" from one end of the Internet to the next with recycled and rehashed video tech, Video GIF Mixer takes center stage with an ingenious approach to the planet's most engaging technology. It's fun, so I'm using it a lot. I love the way an animated Video GIF Mixer dresses up an email, breathes life into a blog article, and energizes a Google+ post. Bravo! Let's engage. This is fun.""

Frances Flynn Thorsen

"One of my favorite social networks to get traffic to review pages with video is Pinterest. I was lucky to get hand on Video GIF Mixer beta for a few weeks and I am seeing much higher clicks. I have best clicks through on Video GIF Mixers where unpacking is was on main animation and smaller 4 had clearly different shots."

Co-founder -

"Videogram is a great new tool that I have recently added to my marketing arsenal, I’ve been using it for a few weeks now making video cards to share on a couple of my survival social sites and they are getting some great click thrus. The tool itself is so simple to use that it literally took me a couple of minutes to get started and that was without even reading the instructions. I downloaded the application and started making Videogram’s in less than 5 minutes, super simple and slick tool that will definitely increase engagement with viewers."

Richard Fairbairn
Founder - Inspired Soft LTD

"As an Internet Marketer from several years, I am always looking for Easy ways to create video clips that highly engage and attract customers... Video GIF Mixer is the answer! Now I can create highly engaging Video GIF Mixers through this software which drastically reduces viewer hesitation & results in significant increase in number of clicks through, traffic, and call to action engagement in no time, without any special technical skills at all... highly recommended!"

Dr. Amit Pareek

"I love how Video GIF Mixer grabs user likes and shares. I see way more likes and shares when I share Video GIF Mixer then normal video or image."

John Delavera
Founder -

"Video GIF Mixer Is Simply Incredible! It Hands-Down the most powerful video scan technology to drive traffic tapping into the power of social networks, generate leads, build massive lists from your videos. I give this software my highest Recommendation!"

John Zakaria
Founder -

"As a video animator, I have been very focused on producing high quality and highly converting videos. Now marketing the videos I make is another arena that I need to be really good at which I don't need to bother anymore because Video GIF Mixer made video marketing easy for me."

JF Garsula
Founder and Video Animator -

"I am hand drawn image artist and I show my creations through videos. Video GIF Mixer instantly shows my best creation and 4 more to convince viewer to watch video with more."

Rustam Sandegi
Owner -

"This is a must have tool for dramatically increasing views NOW and not losing views to the competition that uses this technology.

Video GIF Mixer give publishers a much better way to display their content and gives viewers more insight into what a video is actually about. Video GIF Mixer breaks videos down into chunks that it displays so that they can quickly get an idea of whether or not they will want to watch the whole thing or just the parts that they need within a video. Super Sweet!!!"

Mark Upshaw

"Very versatile software, well worth getting the Pro version for the flexibility and variety of uses. Thanks Andrew Darius, you're a wizard when it comes to video and capturing long attention engagement times."

Peter John Sangster

"VERY easy to use. REALLY like that there are so many different ways to create these. I've created 3 in a very short period of time. All different."

LuAnn Beckman

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I download the software onto my computer or will it be solely available online?

This is NOT an Internet-based software. You will download it onto your computer where it will be yours to use when you like. Since the software will be on your computer you won’t have to worry about slow Internet response times.

What is the system requirements to run Video GIF Mixer?

This software runs on any Windows or Mac computer produced in the past five years as long as it has minimum of 4GB ram memory and sufficient storage space.

Can I install Video GIF Mixer on more than one computer?

Your license will allow you to install the program on two computers. Larger licenses are available for businesses and agencies.

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, we do have 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop us a note and we will refund your purchase in full.

What is file format of Video GIF Mixer?

Video GIF Mixer standard makes video grams in animated GIF format. Version pro makes Video GIF Mixer in both GIF and mp4 formats.

How to share Video GIF Mixer GIF to Facebook in the way it will animate in timeline?

Facebook animate GIF files only if you share the link to the GIF file. GIF file uploaded straight to Facebook does not animate. Therefore to have GIF animate on Facebook you can either upload it to your own website or to image hosting website like ImageShack, and then share the link. Version pro allows you to do it directly from inside the Video GIF Mixer software to save time.

How I link to my video and website from Video GIF Mixer

The way you link to your video or website depends on social networks you are sharing to and if you share Video GIF Mixer in GIF or mp4 file. If you share Mp4 video Video GIF Mixer you can add link either as a native call to action on Facebook or you can use any good video player to add overlay with a link. If you share GIF Video GIF Mixer, you share it with a link in the description.

Does Video GIF Mixer comes only in one size like, as shown with the examples on this page?

Video GIF Mixers can be created in many different sizes. The examples on this page are using standard version with average size, which works best on many social networks, inside an email, and stand alone websites. Version pro allows to create various sizes and we will be adding more sizes and layouts in the updates.

What is a purpose of the 4 key frames below the top animated area?

The 4 key frames are the content glimpse, which, as the study has found, lowers viewer hesitation to click by big percent.

Can I add links to 4 key frames too?

Yes, you can do it with mp4 video Video GIF Mixer by using any good video player overlay function to add those on top of 4 key frames. Version pro can export mp4 video Video GIF Mixers.

Can I disable 4 key frames and use only the top animated areas?

While we suggest to keep 4 frames, because they boost click rates, version pro allows to disable those.

Can I embed Video GIF Mixer in a email?

Yes, you can embed GIF video in the email to boost click through rates by as much as 40%.

Can I add Audio to Video GIF Mixer?

Yes, you can add audio to mp4 video Video GIF Mixer by using any video editor. Version pro can export mp4 video Video GIF Mixers.

Is it possible to make Video GIF Mixer from the part of the video instead of the whole video?

Yes, you can select section of video from which you want the have Video GIF Mixer created.

Can Video GIF Mixer have different length in seconds?

Yes, you can make Video GIF Mixer any length between 1s and 30s. For the best results we suggest to create Video GIF Mixers which are 8s in length.

What is a main benefit of having ability to produce 100s different Video GIF Mixer from the same video?

It makes your animated images stay fresh and catchy in timeline. Making good video content does take time and it is hard to make significant number of good videos. At the same time people get easily bored and they stop responding to the same image animation over time. It means that you always need to have something fresh for people.

Get access to Video GIF Mixer for $1